A Bit About Me

I’m a versatile author, journalist, copywriter, mentor and coach with 20 years experience in print and online. My love for writing, self-development and innate empathy make me an inquisitive storyteller, a skilled interviewer and a progressive force in the world of writing. Driven by a strong desire to cultivate a legacy of positivity, I am an advocate of self-work, a keen mentor and champion of mental health awareness. I have three books under my belt with more in development

Since 2015 I’ve committed a large amount of my spare time and energy to self-work including CBT and NHS psychotherapy, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), a myriad of workshops, classes, dietary modifications and lifestyle changes, all the way up to several 10-day silent meditation retreats (Vipassana). As a result I have a more balanced state of mind. My self-work has led to increased productivity, focus, confidence, resilience and contentment.

Author & Publisher

I have produced several art, music and culture titles, including:

  • A graffiti magazine called ‘Keep The Faith’ (2009 and 2011).
  • My first book ‘Around The World In 80 Raves’ (2013).
  • Online music, art + culture periodical Don’t Lose The Magic (2016).
  • ‘Transform: The Festival Journal’ (2017).
  • ‘Around The World In 80 Record Stores’ (2018).

What I Do


I have broad, high-level editorial skills from content optimisation, SEO and keyword best practice, news reporting and breaking news to feature writing, digital production, proofreading, editing and refining copy, advertorials, event guides, listicles and more. I have conducted hundreds of in-depth Q&As and features, global travel reports and reviews. My writing is accessible, evocative, informative and covers a range of topics including music, culture, mental health, global and local trends, musical history, audio technology, the environment and wellness.

Coaching, Mentoring & Management

I have coached several people through their book projects, and often work with people as a mentor/guide. This has included working with teenage students from arts college ELAM, and managing two young musicians (Aesthetic Kid and Kareful). I enjoyed this immensely, gaining experience in planning and development, creative strategy and PR campaigns while inspiring growth and passing on my knowledge. I have also hosted journalism workshops for young people.

Editorial Management

My editorial expertise and organisational skills have been utilised in several senior roles since 2007, when I was Night Showbiz Editor at the Sun Online. They include: European Editor at Fest300 and Editor for ‘Transform: The Festival Journal’ and Features Editor at Troy Carter's Venice, among others. In each position I guided the daily narrative, conceived ideas and campaigns, commissioned writers, refined copy, managed teams and administrative tasks, analysed data, edited homepages, organised and scheduled content and communicated with stakeholders up and down the chain of command.


I work with a range of clients in music, fashion, technology, travel and lifestyle to develop and enliven their TOV. Specialising in artist biographies and press releases, I’ve worked across all levels of copy from headlines and captions, branded content and product descriptions to newsletters, blog posts, case studies, subtitles, slogans, taglines and much more. My attentive and intuitive nature has led to a catalogue of successful endeavours, managing each client’s project from inception to delivery.

Public Speaking & Broadcast

Highly-regarded as a key voice within my industry I have spoken at events all over the world. I’ve appeared as a moderator, panelist, interviewer and interviewee for a wide range of topics, from ‘The Importance Of Music Criticism’, ‘The Music Industry’s Responsibility To Guide Young People’, to ‘Hedonism Vs. Health’. I have also appeared on television and radio in addition to hosting live online broadcasts, including: BBC Radio, Deutschland Radio, Radio 2 (Italy) and London Live.

Music Curation

Sharing music is one of the greatest gifts one can give, and I’m very fortunate to be able to do just that. I have experience at globally-recognised DSPs Deezer and Tidal. At Deezer I was in charge of the UK & Ireland Editorship, where I delivered campaigns, conceived and maintained playlists and monitored backend data to achieve optimum user satisfaction across multiple playlists for a key territory. This included their flagship Friday list ‘Brand New UK’. Key partners included Manchester United, Doritos and FitBit. I also curate music for public playlisting company, OpenEar.

Painting & Decorating

I started painting in 1999 and consider myself an authority on graffiti subculture. I am renowned for my bold, colourful style, translating my signature characters and colours to canvas for display in the home environment since 2007 - and exhibiting at the Rarekind Gallery (Shoreditch, 2009), Shoreditch House (Neublood event, 2013) and The Nun’s Head (Nunhead, 2015). This crosses over into my editorial work, with many of the articles and projects I have worked on benefitting from my keen eye for design.

DJ & Radio Host

My music and playlist curation experience is complemented by my love of DJing and radio hosting with club gigs and festivals including Secret Garden Party, Colors Of Love (Thailand) and Meadows In The Mountains (Bulgaria), plus Space (Ibiza), Corsica Studios & XOYO (London), Zur Wilden Renate (Berlin), Studio 76 (Madrid) and many more. Corporate bookings include H&M (in-store), UN1T Gym (where I soundtrack their intensive ‘Trooper’ sessions), White Men Can't Jerk, and several weddings. I have hosted radio shows on House FM, Hoxton FM and Netil Radio.


With two decades experience as a journalist, copywriter, editor and author, I’m now a seasoned industry professional. Since 2003 I have written for some of the world’s biggest publications, taking on a varied range of disciplines: from headline and caption writing, SEO and breaking news, to in-depth feature writing, book editing, project management, team leadership and top-tier academic papers.

I’ve written three books and managed numerous copywriting and editing projects, and I have a comprehensive catalogue of published works with renowned outlets including Cambridge University Press, The Guardian, Sony, Virgin, BBC, The Independent, Billboard, Time Out, The Observer and Forbes.

I have used my experience to coach and mentor others, taking great satisfaction in helping and guiding people. This includes guiding authors in the early stages of their book projects, coaching writers on their book writing journey to completion and working with college students to build their confidence and encourage them to find their writing voice.

Through my own personal development I have cultivated a toolkit that forms the foundation of my coaching services. This includes meditation techniques, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), self-motivation, time management, self-discipline and mastery of the mind, along with, of course, a long list of writing techniques gained from first-hand industry experience and extensive on-the-job training. Because I've been there, I know how terrifying it is to sit down in front of a blank page with a head full of ideas but no clue how to transmit one to the other.

It is my mission to help anyone who requires an attentive, caring and highly experienced coach to assist with their writing journey.

Here are some of the areas I can help with:

  • Productivity and organisation
  • Finding your voice
  • Structure and narrative direction
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Breaking through creative blocks
  • Getting started
  • Self-motivation

From writing concise and engaging Instagram posts or captivating headlines and captions, public speeches, to company tone of voice and branding, all the way through to managing a book project from start to finish, I am experienced in many facets of writing and can help you achieve your goals through intuitive and attentive one-to-one coaching sessions.

Want to know more? Book a 15-minute 1-2-1 consultation with me via Calendly.


Marcus's expertise as a writer and editor were invaluable to completing the book project Fade To Grey. His knowledge of history and dance music were a perfect combination to frame the '80s UK Black music scene into its proper context

Adrian Loving (Professor, music scholar, DJ and Author of Fade to Grey)

Working with Marcus was essential to helping me finish my first book, he was an attentive and encouraging editor who helped me navigate my own insecurities while also pushing to get the best out of me in productive ways.

Laurent Fintoni (Author of Bedroom Beats & B-Sides: Instrumental Hip Hop & Electronic Music at the Turn of the Century)

Marcus was an invaluable guide when I needed a second pair of eyes for my academic texts. English is my second language and Marcus’ expertise helped refine my writing to a very high standard. On the strength of Marcus’ excellent journalistic texts on electronic music, I invited him to contribute to my academic volumes in the area of popular music research. His brilliant essay on Kraftwerk’s influence on Detroit techno for Cambridge University Press was one of the outstanding chapters of the book.

PD Dr. Uwe Schütte (Berlin)

Marcus's adroit editorial expertise and encouraging guidance was delivered just at the right time as I was writing my first book. Without his regular check-ins and calm, insightful suggestions I would not be where I am now, with one book under my belt. Cannot thank him enough.

Anny Shaw (Journalist and Author of Resist!)

Terrified that the most ambitious piece of writing I'd ever undertaken was a heaping pile of s***, I could think of no one more qualified to provide the experienced perspective I needed than Marcus. He corrected, reassured and injected something more than just an editorial sweep. He gave it a humanistic flourish and brought - in all communications - a much needed level head and maturity to the process of writing.

Roshan Chauhan (Musician and Author of Letter to RA)

Working with Marcus was an incredibly rewarding experience. He listened to my thoughts, worries and aspirations and was able to offer useful advice that has helped me develop my career. When I first started working with Marcus I was incredibly nervous about sharing my work, he helped me overcome this hurdle and gave me many useful methods for dealing with Imposter Syndrome. I am incredibly grateful for the time Marcus put into supporting me. His support was a huge contributing factor to my professional growth.

Ellie Lawrie (Former mentee and Community Manager - Warm Street)

Having Marcus as a mentor has been a true gift. He is a good person who is always there to help and give excellent advice. He is passionate about mentoring, supporting and helping others further develop themselves. I would like to thank him for being an inspiring and exceptional mentor who I am lucky to have as a friend as well. Thank you for your wealth of knowledge and guidance over the years.

Taiwo Alabi (Former mentee and artist manager)

Being mentored by Marcus was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, his shining positivity, deep empathy and calming nature made every meeting an absolute pleasure. Marcus' strong work ethic is very inspiring, his advice always helpful. Marcus became more than a mentor to me and felt like the older brother I never had.

Jude Leigh-Kaufman (AKA Kareful - musician who I managed)
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